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Bursa Timsah Arena / Turkey

The folding stadium seat product has its own characteristics and advantages. The first of these features is folding. These seats, which fold automatically when no one is sitting and open easily when someone wants to sit, will not take up much space and thus people will be able to sit comfortably.

In addition, both the back part and the seat area of the folding tribune seat products, which have various features due to their structure, can be covered with sponge. In this way, the person will sit much more comfortably and there will be no problems. The sponges are of extremely high quality and will not wear out no matter how many people sit. These tribune seats, which can be leather covered and are usually two-colored, can be used not only in the areas where sports competitions are held, but also in different venues.

Plastic Stadium Seat Production

With our plastic stadium chair / plastic tribune seat product range, we offer seats that comply with FiFA’s safety requirements, consider the comfort of sports spectators, and suit the budgets and projects of clubs. Production is made from original polypropylene copolymer raw material by injection method. It is resistant to color fading with flame retardant additive, UV and Antioxidant additive.

With Seatium™, which is not only limited to Turkey and has managed to become a sales reference to many countries around the world, you can see how well you made the right decision. You will also see that we make use of state-of-the-art manufacturing methods in the mold, production and design phase and make stadium seats with machines. It would also be beneficial for you, our customers, to take a look at the foldable seats, which are the option you can choose again. In this way, you will be able to immediately identify the model that is valid for your place of use and you will be able to buy it at reasonable discounted prices throughout the year. By the way, we should mention that we promised to offer you the best and reliable product at the most affordable price.


Folding Stadium Seats

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