In House Manufacturing is Key in our Success

At Seatium™, we take great pride in delivering the finest seating systems available. We are the only company that manufacturers everything in-house. This enables us to maintain competitive pricing and high quality standards. We design and manufacturer 100% of all our stadium seats, auditorium chairs and other complementary products.

  • We manufacture our own moulds!
  • Our designers develop our models
  • All models are protected by patent
  • Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology

Seatium™ Durability Meets Functionality

Designed with our customers in mind and built to last. Wide range of technical solutions applied in the development of each sport installation project.

Durability Features of Our Products

  • Heavy duty & Tested Materials
  • Premium-sourced raw materials
  • High resiliency plastic and foam
  • Engineered metal and wood frames
  • Steel chassis mechanism

Seatium™ Innovation Wrapped Withing Luxury

We listen to the needs of a customer to learn how an existing product can be modified and improved to serve your requirements. Seatium™ Experts in searching the best solutions for public accommodation at sports facilities in a safe and comfortable way. By studying project technical drawings, we offer several alternatives for the distribution of seats, guided by the requirements of the client and current normative, always taking care of characteristics such as ergonomics and the aesthetics of the sports venue. Our technical department advice from the beginning of architectural project regarding the correct design of seating capacity.

Innovative Features of Our Products

  • Cutting-Edge design
  • Easy to be cleaned
  • Protected against holiganism
  • Fire Retardant Quality
  • Easily Installed

Surround Your Audience in Seatium™ Comfort

Comfort Features of Our Products

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Adjustability (where applicable)
  • Perfect sightline
  • Seat height provides optimal comfort

Quality Commitment for All Your Needs

Dedicated customer service representatives and support for Encore customers worldwide. At Seatium™ Seating Company, we manufacture products to the highest standards of quality. Our seating solutions experts listen to our clients while following market trends closely so we can tailor products to the unique requirements of our customers. As part of this system of excellence, we look at our designs, materials, processes, and wastes with an “environmental eye” toward improvement.

Quality Features of Our Products

  • Diligent quality control
  • Comprehensive warranty
  • Dedicated team for ongoing support
  • Technical assistance

Seatium™ Difference in Turn-Key Projects

Our specialists in “turnkey” project department study each project with the aim of finding the best technical solution, applying it according to the client’s requirements and current regulations. Our technical-commercial team will help you to answer any questions about your project with stadium seats or bleachers for sports facilities. More than 20 years supplying and installing stadium seats, auditorium seating and bleachers in the 5 continents have strengthened our knowledge and ability to respond to each challenge. We offer customized product solutions for each type of grandstands. In addition, we are able to work with the most demanding deadlines. The result are sports and leisure venues with seating capacity that are characterized by their aesthetics, safety and comfort.

  • Project Management
  • Industrial product development
  • Project technical support
  • Test laboratory
  • Fabrication-circle
  • Punctual Manufacturing

Deadlines Guaranteed in Seatium™

Reasons of confidence in this regard as rather simple: Our factories in different cities of Turkey. All in-house manufacturing. The installation is carried out by the company that has developed the solution, with the highest capacity to carry out the project as required.

  • 100% control of production & product customization
  • Plastics transformation
  • continuous expanding capacity
  • We stock gigantic amounts of raw materials
  • Strong financial capacity
  • Precise finishing department