Seating Projects

Our customers share all details of their projects, including datasheets, DWG & PDF Files. Relatedly we are able to offer all of customers A-to-Z Turn-Key Solutions for their projects. From stadiums to auditorium premises and to all stadium or auditorium related premises, Seatium can deliver amazing results in a short time.

We design periences

We made our name rethinking the impact workspace has on work, but today our reach extends beyond the physical environment.

Our central idea is that every client has a story and that a work environment is a great vehicle for telling it. When we’re doing our initial programming on a project, we get all the basicse —the headcounts, the distances, the adjacencies and so on—but we also want to know how this company got rolling, who the people are, what they like to do.

We think of this process as bespoke design —and we apply it to every service we offer: football stadium seats, seats for basketball halls, tennis court seatings, auditorium seatings, convention centers, other sports environments and all stadium or auditorium related seating solutions.

We’re excited about what’s happening in the design world —and thrilled to be a part of setting the agenda.

We can offer solutions for;

  • Football stadium seats
  • Basketball hall seatings
  • Tennis court seatings
  • Seating solutions for sport halls
  • Seating solutions Clinics & Hospitals (Where applicable)
  • Concert Halls & Auditoriums
  • Conference Rooms
  • Convention Centers
  • Ferries & Cruise Ships
  • Hotels & Conventions
  • Movie Theaters & Cinemas
  • Multipurpose Macro-spaces
  • Multipurpose Spaces
  • Parliement Buildings
  • Religious Centers
  • Sport Stadiums
  • Theaters
  • Universities & Schools

Internation Power

We continue influencing people and their environments globally.

From Europe to American continent, from Caucasus to the Middle East, from Africa to Eurasia we change people’s lives with our unique designs, perfect services and affordable solutions on stadium seats, auditorium seats and multipurpose sport hall seatings.

Our highly experienced professional design team is aware of the concepts and differences of every culture but this never has slowed us down.

On the contrary, we’re extremely happy to improve ourselves with the help of our experience which we gather all around the world. Above 70 different countries now!

With a huge variety of products which we already have experience with, it’s so much easier to find what you dream of.
All kinds of seating solutions regarding stadiums, sport halls, auditorium spaces and conventional centers are at your disposal. You can select among those products which fit your needs and desires.

Whether it’s a football stadium or convention center we can help.